Thursday, April 8, 2010


Skrip ke 40

Me and my hubby Martias's firt digital Film entitled "MALAYSIA'S SWEETHEART"
Nancy is a single mother in Nigeria who is struggling to understand her only daughter Mashitah. Tired of watching her 15 year old waste her life and time on boys, Nancy and her daughter kept arguing. Mashitah never knew who her father was or where he was from and she always resented her mother for not telling her. So as attempt to make Mashitah understand her predicament, Nancy tells Mashitah about her father and why he is not in their lives. And so the story begins.
Nancy was to leave Nigeria to study in Malaysia. Leaving behind her boyfriend Patrick, Nancy meets new friends and communicates very frequently with Patrick long distance. One day she has a fight with her housemates and leaves her apartment with nowhere to go.
Fortunately, a new friend by the name of Arman, a Malay-Muslim Malaysian sees her and invites her to his home. After spending much time together, they fall in love. Unfortunately, Arman’s parents are not at all pleased to know that their only son was about to marry a woman who was not only from a different country, but who was also a non Muslim. This led to a big argument. On top of that, Nancy’s boyfriend Patrick comes to Malaysia in search of her as he has not heard from her in a long while.
Patrick finds Nancy only to have his heart and love rejected cold heartedly. Nancy finally ends it with Patrick. Unfortunately, out of rage Patrick and Arman kill each other. It was the day that they became man and wife. Finally, Mashitah knows who her father is and how her mother risked her life, sacrificed her love and religion to be with her husband and child.
This story presents an emotional journey of two different cultures. How though different in ways of living, the strength of love is universally precious.


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